Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Forte Energy’s corporate governance practices are guided by the practices recommended by the ASX Corporate Governance Council in their Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations.  Where the Company's corporate governance practices are inconsistent with the practices recommended by the ASX Corporate Governance Council, the Company has disclosed the inconsistencies in their most recent Annual Report, and the “Corporate Governance Statement” link below

An extract from the 2013 Annual Report, containing the company's Corporate Governance Statement is available below, together with other relevant Corporate Governance documents.


Click here to view a copy of Forte Energy's Constitution.

Capital Structure

As at 18 December 2015, the capital structure of the Company is comprised of:

Security description Number
Fully paid ordinary shares (quoted) 13,685,311,607
Partly paid ordinary shares (unquoted) 2,250,000
Options (unquoted) 493,666,855

As at 22 June 2015:

Significant shareholders (>3% of issued capital):

Shareholder Number % of issued capital
Barclayshare Nominees Limited 294,746,187 9.5%
TD Direct Investing Nominees (Europe) Limited <SMKTNOMS> 287,064,731 9.3%
Puma Nominees Limited <SMPRINC> 232,336,610 7.5%
Harewood Nominees Limited <4160080> 170,000,000 5.5%
Investor Nominees Limited <NOMINEE> 153,524,022 5.0%
HSDL Nominees Limited 150,371,587 4.9%
Vidacos Nominees Limited <FGN> 102,273,822 3.3%
Investor Nominees Limited <WRAP> 97,594,982 3.2%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited <VRA> 96,084,753 3.1%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited <HLNOM> 94,075,815 3.0%

AIM Admission Document

Due to the size of this document, the Company's AIM Admission Document dated July 2000 has been broken into segments below.