Corporate Governance

An extract from the 2013 Annual Report, containing the company's Corporate Governance Statement is available below, together with other relevant Corporate Governance documents.


Click here to view a copy of Forte Energy's Constitution.

Capital Structure

As at 10 March 2014, the capital structure of the Company is comprised of:

Security description Number
Fully paid ordinary shares (quoted) 1,416,495,311
Partly paid ordinary shares (unquoted) 2,250,000
Options (unquoted) 10,000,000

As at 30 September 2013:

Significant shareholders (>3% of issued capital):

Shareholder Number % of issued capital
Barclayshare Nominees Limited 76,451,499 7.2%
Areva Mines 64,475,414 6.1%
TD Direct Investing Nominees (Europe) 60,535,579 5.7%

AIM Admission Document

Due to the size of this document, the Company's AIM Admission Document dated July 2000 has been broken into segments below.